Welcome to Pilates by Christine and hello! Thank you for checking out our website and thank you for your interest in Pilates. I would like to introduce myself and let you know a little bit about me. My name is Christine Knox and I am a Pilates Instructor. I originally come from the northern midwest in the Chicago area and grew up there and also in Oklahoma for my childhood. I moved back up north to Indiana for my college years and proceeded to stay there for about 10 more years. As a kid I was always very active, involved in sports and continued well into my years at college. Upon graduating I continued being active and made it my career. I became a personal trainer and aerobics instructor. It wasn’t until the late 90s that I directed my interest in physical activity to Pilates and Yoga. I was injured in an auto accident and was referred by my physical therapist to try Pilates. I took a mat class at the health club I worked at and was instantly hooked. The results and benefits I received and felt was amazing. The core strength and body awareness was what sold me. I knew that this is what was going to keep me healthy and free from pain, so much so I wanted to get trained in this and teach it full time. Fast forward 3 years and I had become fully certified to teach Pilates and Yoga. Both have helped me to maintain the physical fitness my body needed. I am constantly learning about Pilates by going to workshops and courses that aid in my teaching and own personal well being.

Pilates has many benefits that can help you to achieve physical and mental fitness:






Body awareness

Core strength

Overall movement and mobility

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